Sherlock Holmes 4 Deeper review – who is Euros Holmes-Where is Sherrinford Holmes

Its not kinda surprise
when we see Sian Brooke (who plays as Euros) appears in this season. It turned out that Sherrinford who’s Mycroft ever mentioned before, still keep in pandora box by Moffat and Gatiss. Who the hell is Euros? Some of you maybe wonder, considering Sir Conan Doyle have never mentioned her before.

Rumour fly when Gatiss, Abbington, and Tom Hiddleston took a picture in one frame and Mark Gatiss tweeted it. The rumour says that Tom will play Sherrinford Holmes in this incredible series. But till today, we never know. All we had now is this additional female character who described with damn talented. She is smart enough to predict sherlock’s prediction so her scenario run smoothly. She also disguises as Faith Smith (Serial Killer-Culverton Smith’s- daughter) and as”E”-the woman in bus who have flirting condition and religiously text John Watson before Marry Watson gone.

In my theory, she is the one who relatable with Moriarty, the clues of Moriarty are too clear to ignore. We’ve seen a lot of that holy “miss me” sign (oh Im bored with this) in the poster, in Marry’s DVD made for sherlock, and in the paper Faith Smith fake brought to sherlock. Its too naive to ignore a sense of Moriarty. But instead of hoping this character back from death, I’d rather watch a new monsters like Culverton and maybe Eurus. If only Moriarty is the one behind all of this, its still a huge possibilities. Why? beacause The goddamn Professor Jim Moriarty is the clever one, remember? But the fact that bothers me is why “miss me” sign stick onto Marry’s farewell DVD either? Its sooo many possibilities where the cretaors could develop.

Some of people maybe pissed off how come the superbly genius Sherlock couldnt recognise his sister and John’s therapist are the same person?I presume, Sherlock have a condition where he oftenly fails to recognise people. Remember he never recognise Greg, rite? But its kinda too far if we judge sherlock have prosopagnosia-a condition when people hardly recognise face- (CMIIW). And John Watson, he met his “E” once. Make sense.

Move over, sherrinford…. We heard Mycroft mention that name when he track sherlock after he going out from flat with fake Faith Smith. Then we’ve seen this….

Are we gonna introduced with a new character again, yet? Or its just yes sherrinford and eurus are the same person (yeah BBC change sherrinford into female charachter because the other one female character is dead-a feminist issue maybe?). Still i hope Sherrinford will played by Tom Hiddleston (the taylor swift’s ex boyfriend..errr lol). But I think its too weird to be true, Sherrinford is the oldest among holmes brother (according to Conan Doyle’s). How come the angelic face half asgardian Hiddleston could be older than Mycroft?

Other ways, some critics says that this season so far still has some plotholes. Some of them are because of Eurus character development. What we’ve been wait about this series is when we witness Sherlock’s surprisingly unpredictable moment, but it just not too great as before.

Pardon my grammar. Still learning. 😀


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